Tell us about any wories or concerns.

If you tell us what's going on we can put a stop to it. If a bully is upsetting you, your friend or your classmate don't stand for it any longer. If you see someone using these bullying tactics we want to know immediately. Here's what you can do:

1) Use the 'help' page on this website and send us a message. This will alert us to a problem and can be written anonymously if you don't want us to know who you are or receive direct help.

2) Talk to school staff. Form tutors, pastoral managers and teachers are here to help you, as well as senior students and mentors.

3) Contact professional organisations for advice or information.

4) Talk to your friends and family. We think if you share a problem it becomes easier to deal with. You get the picture!

Worried or concerned?
- Bullying
- Home Learning
- New Routines
- Friendship Groups

The TAS support Web site aims to give you reassurance, peace of mind, and a happy and successful journey through the Academy.

Students, Parents, Carers - contact us and send a message so that we can then answer all of your questions and concerns.