Pastoral managers - The Academy support team

At the Academy we believe that being able to contact someone at the time when we have a worry or concern makes us feel at ease.

In fact, we are so dedicated to making sure you always have someone to talk to that we now have two full time pastoral managers whose job it is solely to work alongside The Academy students and assist you wherever necessary. TAS support web site is also available for Parents, carerís as well as students to use.

The Pastoral team below are happy to help!

  Mrs James is the Pastoral Manager. You can find her in the Pastoral Office.
  Miss Chapman is the Attendance Officer. You can find her in the Pastoral Office.

And the help doesn't stop there. You can also talk to teachers, prefects and mentors if you have a problem, don't suffer in silence, tell us what's on your mind. Click here to send us a message.